WhatsApp Community Chat Group Rules

We thank you for following the rules below when using our WhatsApp community chat groups.

To have a WhatsApp group to bring the brothers and sisters of our community together and increase the bond for all adults and children with the rest of the community insha Allah.

This is a group to share our Eid celebrations, to comfort each other at difficult times such as losing a loved one and to bring benefit to every member of this community insha Allah.

1) Accept and respect all cultures and opinions. Especially if you do not agree with them.
2) Please do not share any offensive posts that could be misunderstood by others.
3) This is not a forum for debate. If you need to complain about something, please get in touch with one of the group admins.
4) For all new members, please introduce yourself to the group.
5) No spam. If you have something of value to share, please consider carefully if it will be useful to other members of the group. Please don’t send any “Good morning” or “Jumaa Mubaraka” messages as these tend to fill up the group and may encourage people to leave.
6) Please don’t share news that hasn’t been verified first.
7) The lingua franca (common language) of the group is English. Any post posted in another language must be translated into English.