Prayer Times

Prayer Timetables are available for download further down this page.

Mobile App

An app for prayer timetables for Ireland has been developed. It has times for 32 cities and towns in Ireland based on the prayer times used by the main Islamic centres in Ireland. So it matches timetables in local mosques throughout the country.

Best of all, it caters for people living in and outside Dublin.

It is simple and very fast.

Prayer Times on Google Play Store
Prayer Times on Apple App Store

Timetable Download

Timetables are taken with permission from the Islamic Foundation of Ireland’s website.

Please also note that their timetables have been adjusted to the ones used in previous years.  The adjustments were made by a specialist committee overseen by the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.

Please click one of the months below or you can download a PDF for the whole year.

Individual months for Letterkenny