Dr. Arshad Aziz Burial in Dublin Monday insha Allah

Al Salam Alaykom

Dr. Arshad Aziz will be buried in Dublin tomorrow (Monday) insha Allah. There will be another janaza prayer after thuhr at 12:45 in Dublin Mosque. From there, we will go to the burial grounds insha Allah.

Dublin Mosque
163 South Circular Road

Google Maps link to Dublin Mosque

We shall leave Letterkenny General Hospital at 7:30 insha Allah if anyone wishes to join.

Janaza Prayer for Dr. Arshad Aziz

Al Salam Alaykom Wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatu

إن لله وإنا إليه راجعون

Dr. Arshad Aziz passed away this morning. We ask Allah to grant him His mercy and give patience to his family.

Janaza prayer will take place at 4 pm at the community centre insha Allah.

Please pass on this message to others. Jazak Allah khairan.