No Friday Prayers Yet


Al Salam Alaykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu

Sadly, we are not in a position to start Friday prayers just yet. Some details need to be arranged with the community centre before we can resume. And our centre is of course not big enough.

The centre is open for fajr prayer and we shall be expanding it to other prayers soon God willing.

We shall be in touch again regarding Friday prayers as soon as is possible God willing.

Thank you for your patience and jazakum Allah khairan.

Centre Open for Fajr Prayer


As the country enters phase 3 of lockdown restrictions lifting, places of worship may now re-open.

Therefore, we are re-opening our centre. Initially ONLY for the fajr prayer.

Please note the following:

  • Please perform wudu at home. Wudu may not be performed in the masjid
  • Please sanitise hands upon entry. Hand sanitiser gel will be made available
  • Please bring your own prayer mat. We ask that if you have forgotten to bring one or were not aware, that you please return home
  • Please wear a face mask to help prevent the spread to others
  • Please don’t come if having ANY symptoms (cough, fever etc.) Please check your temperature before leaving home. If you are showing symptoms, you will be respectfully asked to leave. Please help us avoid any embarrassing situations
  • No children below the age of 12
  • 2 metre social distancing to be observed in the masjid. Please keep your distance whilst praying
  • We kindly suggest our respected senior members pray at home for their own safety

We kindly ask that all attending the masjid following the above instructions and to help us fight this virus.

As mentioned, this is ONLY for fajr for now. We will re-open for other prayers depending on how things go.

May God keeps us safe from this disease and all evils. Ameen.